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NURATEC Project Services


Our Objective

Our Strength

NURATEC Project Services, LLC is a Small Business headquartered in Oak Ridge, TN. We provide high-quality Nuclear Waste Management, Nuclear Programs, Project Management, Engineering, and technical services to DOE, DOD and commercial nuclear power - and in support of other government and non-government projects. Our focus is to provide innovative and cost-effective approaches to supporting our clients.​ Tell us how we can support your company. We will provide the best available talent to complete your project in a quality and timely manner.

NURATEC's objective is to become your go-to solution for expert and reliable waste management technical and project management support. Our competitive advantage rests in our approach to supporting our clients. First, we ensure that we provide highly-capable and qualified staff to the project team. During project execution, we constantly pulse our clients to ensure that we are exceeding expectations in job performance. Once the project is complete, we meet with our clients to capture feedback and apply lessons-learned for continuous improvement. At NURATEC, we continually strive for performance excellence and seek out the WIN-WIN scenario in every aspect of our business.

NURATEC has broad-range capabilities and seeks to support a myriad of projects in the nuclear, defense, chemical and petroleum, oil and gas and government industries. We specialize in radioactive and chemical waste management (TRU waste, Low-Level Waste, RCRA Hazardous waste, TSCA waste, and Wastewater Treatment), project management, quality assurance, safety and health, industrial hygiene, environmental remediation, environmental compliance, radiological controls. Contact us today and let us know how we can support your company.


TRU Waste Processing Center

NURATEC is an integrated subcontractor at the TRU Waste Processing Center for the NorthWind Solutions-Veolia Federal Services team. NURATEC manages the Waste Programs and Transportation in support of transuranic and low-level waste processing, certification, and shipment goals to accomplish the Site Treatment Plan regulatory milestones and targets. NURATEC leads the MLLW and LLW characterization and NNSS Waste Certification, interfaces with the Central Characterization Project (CCP) in support of AK development, characterization, certification, and shipment of TRU waste. NURATEC leads the interface with operations regarding waste storage, packaging, sorting, treatment to achieve compliance with the NNSS and WIPP Waste Acceptance Criteria, and manages the shipment of TRU, MLLW, LLW, and Hazardous waste.

NURATEC manages the transuranic waste disposal project, including routine interface with senior management and DOE and leads the project team in development of the project plan, estimates, and schedule and support in development of the Nuclear Documented Safety Analysis.  The project is on schedule to meet DOE's aggressive milestones and commitments to the state of Texas and Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulators.

NURATEC provides technical support to North Wind Solutions, LLC, for Civil and Electrical Engineering and Nuclear Specialist support for facility readiness preparation for Implementation Validation Reviews (IVRs), Operational Readiness Reviews, and Contractor Readiness Assessments (CRAs).


NURATEC provides technical services to UCOR in support of its contract with the Department of Energy (DOE) for the cleanup of the Oak Ridge Reservation.

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