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NURATEC Project Services

Our Services

Waste Management and Transportation

  • Environmental Remediation: Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) Development; development of waste profiles; field sampling and management; waste characterization and certification; treatment and disposal analysis and planning; and project management.​
  • Radioactive and Hazardous Waste: Waste characterization, including support in Acceptable Knowledge development for TRU waste; development of sampling and analyses plans; development of waste profiles; engineering and technical resources for waste disposition; and technical interface/negotiation with state and federal regulators.
  • Waste Minimization, Pollution Prevention and Beneficial Use.
  • Transportation: Compliance with DOT, IATA and other transportation requirements; waste profiling and verifying acceptance to waste disposal or waste treatment facility criteria; DOT compliance; providing guidance on waste packaging and development of hazardous waste manifests; and development of transportation security plans.

Environmental Safety and Health

  • Industrial Safety and Hygiene; Characterization of work place hazards; hazard evaluation and development of control strategies; Job Safety Analysis; Risk Management Program (RMP) and Process Safety Management (PSM); construction safety; chemical safety; Ergonomic evaluations; incident investigations and root cause analysis; and safety training.​
  • Environmental Compliance: Compliance audits; air permitting and regulatory compliance; NPDES permitting; training; agency negotiations; preparing annual and semi-annual reports; air emission inventory; storm water pollution prevention plans; spill prevention control and countermeasure plans; CERCLA compliance; water and air sampling; and emergency spill response.
  • Radiological Controls: Radioactive contamination Control; radiological engineering; internal and external dosimetry; and RADCON operations services.

Quality Assurance

  • Contractor Assurance; nuclear quality assurance (NQA-1); weapons quality; audits/assessments; QC inspections; operational readiness; investigations; and Conduct of Operations.

Engineering and Design

  • Nuclear engineering; process engineering; systems engineering; construction engineering and management; safety engineering; and quality engineering.

Information Technology / Management

System Administration, Records Management and Document Control


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